28th/29th August 2015
Cairns, QLD, Australia

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The MJD Foundation hosted the International MJD Conference in Cairns, Australia, from 28th to the 29th August 2015. The conference theme of “excellence in research - a world of hope” brought together people from around the world-scientists, health care professionals, and families - to share experience and knowledge of Machado Joseph Disease.

About MJD and the MJD Foundation

Machado Joseph Disease is a hereditary neuro degenerative condition.  It results in damage to the cerebellum that initially causes muscular weakness and progresses over time to a total lack of voluntary control and very significant permanent physical disability.  There is no known cure, yet. The MJD Foundation seeks to provide a better quality of life for Indigenous Australians and their families living with Machado Joseph Disease in Arnhem Land and beyond. For more information on MJD or the work of the MJD Foundation, please visit www.mjd.org.au 

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